Welcome To Chattha Group

Chattha Group has been on a continuous growth curve since its inception in 1948, moving from strength to strength, foraying into new market segments, serving new arena and a strong commitment to growth above everything else.

Earning the trust and confidence of industry for more than five decades, Chattha Group has emerged as a major force to reckon with in the leather chemicals, feed additives and supplements, poultry medicine and equipment, aqua and hospitality industries. The key drivers for our sky high success in a highly competitive market has been the vision of our founder and directors, the hard work of the team and our focus on providing premium quality products and unwavering services to our customers.

Success Through DEDICATION

The secret of success at Chattha Group is hard work and determination coupled with foresight. Add to that quality assurance and consistent performance over the years. Chattha Group is committed to total quality management and lays an added emphasis on quality processes within the organisation.

In order to ensure that the products of the company meet international standards, quality control measures have been imbibed at various stages. Unwavering focus on quality is optimized by its efficient work force, its adoption of the latest international technology and its exemplary product standards that emerge from the most stringent quality control tests.


  • All our products will be synonymous to “Signify Quality & Purity”.
  • Strengthen infrastructure, both in back office as well as warehousing, by continuous development, investments, training and improvement of processes.
  • Stressing on Research and Development.
  • Diversifying into bulk cargo handling.
  • Addition of Hospitality services and products.
  • Create a presence in the retail segment.

  • To successfully create an all India marketing network.
  • Increased exposure and market share for our Principals.
  • Enter into promising Joint Ventures with Multinational companies to begin production in India.